Root Endpoint

You can issue a GET  request to the root endpoint to get all the endpoints the API supports.


All API access is over HTTPS and all data is sent and received as JSON.

All responses will contain a content property and a _links property. The content property will contain the information requested and the _links property will always contain a link to self as well as any links that might be helpful from the current endpoint. The following is an example from the root endpoint.

	"content": "Welcome to the pcc api",
	"_links": {
		"self": {
		"href": ""

API key

All other requests require a key in the header. If you need help with your key or you do not have your key, create a ticket in Symmetry's Client Support Center.

pcc-api-key:{key provided to you}

Calculations Limit

All response HTTP headers will have information about your current limit status.

X-Pcc-Api-Calc-Limit : 2500
X-Pcc-Api-Calc-Remaining : 2499
X-Pcc-Api-Exp-Date : 2016-06-02 00:00:00
Header NameDescription
X-Pcc-Api-Calc-LimitThe number of requests available per year
X-Pcc-Api-Calc-RemainingThe number of requests remaining
X-Pcc-Api-Exp-DateThe date your account will expire

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