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  • Symmetry Payroll Forms product guide

    Symmetry Tax Engine

    Payroll processing and tax calculator to build or enhance a payroll platform, embed payroll into an existing application and increase compliance and accuracy.

    Basic Concepts
  • Symmetry Payroll Forms product guide

    Symmetry Payroll Forms

    Directly integrate and automate the withholding forms process at the federal, state, and local levels with over 125 compliant forms.

    Overview Hosted API
  • Symmetry Payroll Point product guide

    Symmetry Payroll Point

    Identify and accurately determine complex state and local taxes based on a work and residential address.

    Overview Portal API
  • Symmetry Minimum Wage Finder product guide

    Symmetry Minimum Wage Finder

    Integrate minimum wage rates by exact location coordinates directly into your application.

    Portal API Guide
  • Calculators by Symmetry product guide

    Calculators by Symmetry

    Over 11 embeddable payroll tax modeling calculators for any gross-to-net calculation need.

    Widgets API
  • Webhooks by Symmetry product guide

    Webhooks by Symmetry

    Webhooks by Symmetry allows your application to stay in sync with payroll tax updates from the Symmetry Tax Engine.

    Getting Started

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