Getting Started with Payroll Point

Symmetry Payroll Point identifies and accurately determines complex state and local taxes based on a work and residential address. To determine the correct taxes, it does four things:

  • Validates work and home addresses provided by the client
  • Determines the exact longitude and latitude coordinates for the locations
  • Applies coordinates to 35,000 geospatial tax boundary shapefiles
  • Calls the Symmetry Tax Engine to return all applicable state, local, and employer taxes and rates

Additionally, location data (including PSD codes, FIPS codes, and more) are also returned from Payroll Point.

For clients who purchase the minimum wage add-on, minimum wage rate data are also returned in addition to tax results and location data.


Payroll Point Portal provides a friendly user interface to return precise taxes for employees using Maps and Batch. Maps allows clients to complete a single tax lookup, while Batch allows you to run multiple tax lookups at once using the intuitive Portal.

Read more about Maps and Batch in the Payroll Point Portal guide.


The Payroll Point API returns the precise taxes within your own products and payroll systems, allowing you to build a fully custom solution.

There are five endpoints within Payroll Point. The main endpoint that returns taxes for an employee's home and work location is the /taxes endpoint. Check out the Payroll Point API guide to start building.

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