The multi-calculator is a special widget that allows placing up to four widgets side by side. It works the same way as the other widgets in that it will accept a data-defaults attribute and prepopulate the fields. In addition to the data-defaults attribute, two other attributes are available.

data-calculator is the type of calculator to display and accepts any of the calculators listed in the calculator-types table. If not specified it will default to salary.

data-count is the number of widgets to display and accepts a number from one to
four. Anything greater than four or not a number will default to two.

For example, to display three hourly calculators side by side use the following
script tag.

<script async src="" data-calculator="hourly" data-count="3"></script>

A unique feature of the multi-calculator widget is the copy bottom. It will copy any information in the left most (1st) calculator and place it in the other calculators. This allows for faster setup of multiple side by side calculations.

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