Tax Results

Payroll Point takes the hard work out of tax determination! Enter an employee's work and home address and Payroll Point will return the complete list of applicable taxes for the withholding scenario.

Employer & Employee Taxes

Payroll Point returns both employer and employee taxes that are required for the withholding scenario as well as additional taxes that exist within either location. Each tax is represented by a Symmetry unique tax identifier (ID), which is an alphanumeric unique ID that follows a standard format. Current Symmetry clients can learn more about Symmetry's unique tax IDs within Symmetry's Client Support Center. These unique IDs are returned within Batch and the API.

Employer Taxes

  • Returns all employer taxes that the employer is required to remit. Employer taxes do not affect employee's net pay.

Employee Taxes

  • Returns all employee taxes that the employer is required to withhold.

Tax Types

Payroll Point returns all state and local taxes for each taxing scenario supplied. Below are the tax types returned that account for over 35,000 boundary shapefiles within Payroll Point!

City TaxEmployer State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)Occupational License Tax for Schools
County TaxEmployer State Disability InsuranceSchool District Tax
Community Safety Payroll TaxState Unemployment Tax SurchargeEmployee State Disability Insurance
Development Assessment FeeEmployer Transit TaxState Income Tax
Earned Income TaxEmployer Workers' CompensationSupportive Services Tax
Employer Community Safety Payroll TaxEmployee Family Leave InsuranceEmployee State Unemployment Insurance
Employer Compensation Expense TaxJoint Economic Development District/Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDD/JEDZ)Tax Increment Financing
Employer Head TaxLocal Services TaxEmployee Oregon Transit Tax
Massachusetts Employer Medical Assistance ContributionsLong Term Insurance TaxEmployee Workers' Compensation
Employer Family Leave InsuranceMental Health Tax
Employer Percentage of Payroll TaxesOccupational License Fee (City and County)

Rate Types

Payroll Point defines payroll tax rates using four different data types:

  • Flat dollar amount: rate is returned as a dollar amount (for example, 0.5 is $0.50)
  • Percent: rate returned is a percentage (for example, 0.05 = 5%)
  • Experience: rate assigned to the employer by the jurisdiction based on a variety of inputs
  • Graduated table: rate provided by jurisdiction's graduated table. Also known as a "progressive" tax rate.

Payroll Point returns all applicable taxes for each taxing scenario and defines each rate returned within the application.


Graduated and Experience rates

Please note that while Payroll Point returns the flat dollar and rate percentages themselves, clients will need to determine the experience rate and graduated rate applicable for the specific taxing scenario.

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