Portal Overview

Overview of the Maps and Batch Interface

Symmetry Payroll Point Portal provides clients an intuitive user interface to return taxes and wage rates.

There are three main features of Payroll Point Portal:

  1. Maps: complete one-off tax lookups using a home and work location
  2. Batch: retrieve tax lookups in bulk using Batch
  3. Minimum Wage: return minimum wage rates based on effective date, location, and more


Minimum Wage add-on to Payroll Point

Clients can purchase the minimum wage rate add-on to Payroll Point, which provides access to Symmetry's historical and future-looking minimum wage rate database. Leverage the power of the PRP API and Symmetry's location service for wage rate determination.


As you read through the Portal guide, you'll learn about our powerful Maps functionality that not only returns the precise taxes for your taxing scenario but also allows clients to to see the taxing boundaries for all taxing jurisdictions in the United States.


For clients with significant volume, Payroll Point Portal contains Batch functionality that allows clients to import large volumes of work/home address pairs and return tax results within seconds. In addition to tax results, Batch also returns location data and minimum wage rates.

Minimum Wage

As an add-on to Payroll Point Portal, the Minimum Wage module allows clients direct access to search and download relevant details from Symmetry's minimum wage rate database. Additionally, minimum wage rate results are also returned from Maps and Batch in addition to tax results.

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