Symmetry Payroll Forms (SPF) guides employees through completing the necessary federal, state, provincial, and local withholding forms needed to onboard a new employee within the United States or Canada.

Using the employees resident and work location, SPF provides the necessary forms the employee must complete in order to accurately complete their payroll elections. Once an employee completes the necessary onboarding forms, SPF returns this data back to the employer in one of three ways:

  1. Postback JSON data - receive the tax parameter values in JSON and a Base64 encoded PDF of the form directly to your servers
  2. Email Back- completed forms are emailed to a designated payroll/HR email address
  3. Print Only - employees can print the form to physically return to their payroll/HR department

SPF clients have the option of building a fully custom user experience using the SPF API or can embed SPF into your application through the SPF Hosted solution.


Expanded Support for Canada

SPF Hosted and API now currently support form determination in Canada in addition to the United States! Contact our team to start your free trial today.


SPF API is designed to allow Symmetry clients the ability to create your own user experience (UX) and leverage the power of SPF within your own application.

SPF API consists of ten endpoints that allow customers to determine and complete applicable payroll withholding forms for employees.


SPF Hosted clients can get up and running quickly by embedding SPF within an iFrame on your website or within your application. Symmetry does the hard work of maintaining server uptime while making sure SPF remains compliant with the most up-to-date forms.

Additionally, Hosted clients can leverage Helper Pages which is an out-of-the-box solution that will allow you to start using SPF quickly.

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