Payroll Point Portal has several global settings that allow clients to customize the result output from Portal.


Global settings affect all users in your organization. Review and adjust your company’s global settings in Payroll Point before running any tax lookups, as these settings affect how taxes are returned.

Setting TypeSettingDescription
Results (Maps and Batch)Payer – who pays the tax?Set the default filter value in Maps and Batch to “All,” “Employer,” or “Employee.”
Results (Maps and Batch)Authority – who is the payee receiving the tax?Set the default filter value in Maps and Batch to “All,” “State,” or “Local.”
Results (Maps and Batch)Tax withholding – is withholding required?This setting allows clients to determine whether taxes that have courtesy withholding are displayed in Maps and Batch results. When set to "All", all potentially applicable taxes will be displayed. When set to "Required", only taxes that employers are required to withhold will be returned in batch results. If set to "Not Required", only taxes applicable to courtesy withholding will be returned.
Batch ProcessingUse address suggestionsWhen enabled, if an invalid address is provided in a batch line, Payroll Point will use the first suggested address that closely matches the input address instead of returning an error. If no suggested address is found, Payroll Point will geocode based on the ZIP code. Read more about this functionality in Symmetry's Client Support Center.
Batch ProcessingSplit Pennsylvania EITs and LSTs within MapsSeparates the Municipal and School District portions of Pennsylvania Earned Income Taxes (EITs) and Local Services Taxes (LSTs) when running a tax lookup within Batch.

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