Symmetry Minimum Wage Finder API endpoints use a JSON Web Token (JWT) token for authentication and authorization. An authentication endpoint is available that will accept your product API key and provide a valid token needed to connect to the endpoints.

To request a new access token, send an HTTP GET request to the apiDomain URL, setting the api-key header to the API key provided by Symmetry.

Sample Authentication GET Request

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'api-key: y0urAPI-KeyG0esH3re'


A successful authentication endpoint response will contain a JSON object with an access token that can be used for API requests.

  "accessToken": "yoUrTokEnISh3re!"


Tokens Expiration

Tokens are valid for 24 hours. Once expired, you will receive the following response from the Minimum Wage Finder endpoints and must request a new token.

Unauthorized Response

An invalid, expired, or empty token will produce the following HTTP 401 unauthorized response.

  "message": "Unauthorized"

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