API Overview

Overview of 5 Payroll Point endpoints

Symmetry Payroll Point (PRP) API provides a simple and powerful way to return precise taxes within your own products and payroll systems using five endpoints.

There are five endpoints that comprise PRP API.

/authentication/loginGETAuthorizes login to the Payroll Point API. Provides access token valid for 24 hours.
/prp/v1/taxesPOSTReturns taxes by home and work location(s)
/prp/v1/accountInfoGETReturns the client’s account information and transaction count within a specified date range
/prp/v1/minimumwage/id*GETReturns minimum wage rates by the minimum wage unique id
/prp/v1/minimumwage/location*GETReturns minimum wage rates for one location and effective date


*Minimum Wage add-on to Payroll Point

Clients can purchase the minimum wage rate add-on to Payroll Point, which provides access to Symmetry's historical and future-looking minimum wage rate database. Leverage the power of the PRP API and Symmetry's location service for wage rate determination.


As you read through the API guide, you'll learn about additional developer tools available like Swagger and Postman to help you implement the APIs within your own application in addition to the Staging environment.

Additional Features

Lastly for clients with significant volume, PRP supports address suggestions to help streamline internal processes when it comes to address validation and verification.

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