Symmetry Payroll Forms Hosted

SPF Hosted allows clients to get up and running quickly and onboard employees efficiently and accurately.

Clients can choose to either pass in employee data to SPF so employees can begin completing necessary forms, or they can direct employees to the Helper Page wizard that collects the data necessary for form determination. After completing the list of recommended withholding form(s), SPF will return the completed form data including tax parameters, the input registration data, and the completed withholding forms to your system.


SPF Hosted is compliant for both United States and Canada and we maintain the latest federal, state, local, and provincial forms.

JSON Object Model

SPF Hosted uses a JSON object model to send and receive data through the SPF Registration and Postback.

We've published the JSON schema in an Open API configuration file that allows clients to use an Open API code generation tool to generate and model objects to your preferred programming language. Check out the /doc/config endpoint to pull down the JSON schema.

Network Diagram

The network diagram below outlines the key components of the SPF Hosted environment. This guide will cover each of these components in depth.


  • Leverage out-of-the-box Helper Pages to collect the necessary employee data required for form determination and SPF will confidently return the necessary forms, flows, and tax parameters needed for onboarding.
  • Update the look and feel of the SPF Hosted environment using custom CSS, while Symmetry does the hard work of maintaining server uptime and form compliance.
  • Use the powerful Symmetry Location Service to normalize addresses to conform to USPS standards and translate them into geocoordinates used for form determination. Additionally, receive local jurisdiction data including PSD codes, EIT rates, or other applicable local jurisdiction data if required.
  • Capture and store completed withholding forms and relevant tax parameter data within your own system.
  • Print, email, or save the completed PDF as you choose and store the tax parameters in your payroll system.

Implementation Options

Like our API and on-premise versions, SPF Hosted supports two different implementation options:

  • Guided Process: Ideal for employee onboarding — employees are coached through an automated process ensuring forms are correct and complete.
  • Choose Mode Process: Ideal for companies and employees who know the exact forms they need — gives employees the ability to select forms at will while field validation ensures employees complete forms accurately.

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