/docs​/config (GET)

The docs/config endpoint returns the Open API (Swagger) configuration used to generate the SPF-API Open API documentation page.

This configuration can be used to generate a client API, see Swagger CodeGen for more details.

Sample Response

openapi: "3.0.1"
  title: "SPF Api"
    name: "Symmetry Software"
    url: "https://www.symmetry.com"
    email: "[email protected]"
    name: "Symmetry Software/Subscription & Service Agreement"
  version: "0.0.1"
- url: "https://api-staging.symmetry.com/spf"
  description: "Staging"
  variables: {}
- name: "Forms"
  description: "Determine all applicable forms and retrieve information for each"
- name: "Questions"
  description: "Retrieve form and guide flow questions"
- name: "PDF and Tax Parameters"
  description: "Retrieve pdf and tax parameter schemas and generate filled documents"
- name: "Documentation"
  description: "Retrieve OpenApi configuration yaml and use it to generate a client\
    \ api"

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