Tax Parameters

Symmetry has created a catalog that documents all tax parameters that are relevant for each payroll withholding form. The tax parameter catalog can be obtained from the Symmetry Client Support Center.


Catalog Updates

The SPF catalog is updated with each new release of the application. Product release notes will document any changes for the tax parameters in the catalog.

Accessing the SPF Catalog

To access the SPF catalog, log into the new Symmetry Client Support Center.

  1. Once logged in, navigate to the Tax Parameter Catalog and Schema listing.
  2. Locate the SPF release you are currently using and select the Catalog link to download the catalog.

Using the SPF Catalog

Once the SPF catalog zip file has been downloaded and extracted, it will contain 3 versions of the catalog in html, json, or xml formats.


The catalog files will contain the tax parameters, their data types, and a brief description of the values to expect when applicable.

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