Getting Started with Webhooks by Symmetry

Webhooks by Symmetry is a service that allows your payroll application to stay in sync with payroll updates from the Symmetry Tax Engine.

Using a simple user interface, clients register custom webhooks in the developer portal that sends data to your payroll application in real-time based on triggered events such as new taxes, updated tax rates, and jurisdiction parameter changes.


There are two ways clients can receive payloads and be notified of changes within the Symmetry Tax Engine:

  1. Programmatically - Webhooks by Symmetry sends an HTTP request with a JSON payload to your server endpoint.
  2. Email - Webhooks by Symmetry sends a plain text email with the event details to one or more email addresses.

These automated alerts allow Webhooks by Symmetry clients the ability to keep your payroll applications up-to-date.

What’s Next

Ready to register your first webhook and receive real-time updates when specific payroll tax changes occur? Check out the Developer Portal to get started.

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